Whether you need someone to fill a gap for a short term vacancy, or you’re looking for something more permanent, Recruitment Select have a long history of matching skilled individuals with regional businesses.

Labour Hire

We provide a flexible workforce to manage the peaks and troughs in your staffing requirements.

Our workers are screened and matched to worksites based on their skills, experience and qualifications.

We service a broad range of industries including

  • hospitality
  • retail sales
  • horticulture
  • agriculture
  • administration
  • tourism
  • manufacturing
  • customer service
  • local government
  • education
  • trades

An extensive database of work-ready staff means we are able to respond to staffing needs quickly and effectively. Proficient processing of all statutory requirements ensures your focus can remain on your business – not the HR paperwork.

Permanent Placements

Finding the right fit for an ongoing position is equally important as finding someone to fill a short term gap. We will work with you to find the right candidate for even the most diverse position within your business.

We proactively source local candidates and those seeking to relocate through external advertising and local council contacts across the area to have the best chance of a quick turnaround. If we don’t feel we have the right candidates available with the right skills, we will go searching until we do.

Candidates matching your requirements are shortlisted via a thorough screening and internal interview process and submitted for your review.

Formal interviews are arranged on site or at a local Recruitment Select office. All candidates are provided with ongoing communication during the recruitment process to ensure a professional provision of service is delivered on your behalf.

Our process is tried and tested and designed to provide you with the best fit for your business.