7 Job Hunting Tips

Need some help learning about the Job Hunt Search? Check out these 7 tips to help you in your journey.

When you first start your job-hunting journey remember to check the internet, job websites, newspapers, recruitment agencies, and word of mouth for the different job opportunities available. See below for a few tips that will help you get the best results in your job hunting:


  1. Keep track of the positions you apply for.

When looking for work keep a record of which jobs you have applied for and to who you have sent your resume. If/When a potential employer calls and you don’t remember what job it is regarding or the company, they are from, it can reflect badly on you.


  1. Make sure you have a good resume.

Your resume is the most important tool in your job hunt as this document can be what puts you through to the next step or stop your application from progressing. Make sure that your resume represents you well.


  1. Know the best way to work with a recruiter.

There are many recruitment agencies across Australia, some specialise in a certain area, others – like Recruitment Select – work across a few different sectors. It is more beneficial to you to find a recruiter who specialises in your particular industry sector, as they would have a wide variety of clients in your industry but also understand the current market conditions and salaries etc.


  1. Practice your interview technique.

One of the most stressful parts of the job hunt is the interview stage, especially if you are unprepared. Therefore, you need to spend a bit of time practicing and getting ready as this can help your nerves and make you more confident in your interview. Employers will pick up on if you have prepared for your interview or not and this can also indicate the level of interest in the position you have applied for.


  1. Know how to dress for success.

The first 20 seconds of meeting your interviewer are an important item of your interview. As the first impression will last, did you show up looking professional? Or did you look scruffy? These can be important factors in determining if you get hired. The interviewer needs to see that you could look and fit into their company.


  1. Know how to negotiate your salary.

A daunting task of being successful in a new position is the task of negotiating your salary. If handled correctly, you can potentially make thousands of extra dollars a year, simply from a quick conversation. If handled incorrectly, however, it can result in not being offered the position or the job offer being rescinded, or even potentially not being able to cover your bills. Often the best way to negotiate your salary is to work with a recruiter as they know the market and what is possible to receive and can assist you to get the best possible salary.


  1. Know how to hand in your notice.

The last task in the job hunt journey, handing in your resignation. Handing in your notice is easier and less traumatic than you think it will be. The nerves and anticipation are generally worse than the actual deed itself.

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