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We are well into the new year and decade that is 2020 and you know what that means? New Years resolutions!

Let’s face it though, you’ve probably given up on your resolution already, as statistics show almost 80% of Australians give up their annual commitment to themselves, by January 12th. This is down to many factors, including unrealistic expectations (you’re resolutions wont happen over night!) and having no goals or milestones set, leaving us feeling unfulfilled.


Did you know that learning a new skill or trade is in the top five most popular New Years resolutions set by Australians? If you’re looking for a new career, search no further, as we have gathered the top three trades on the rise in Regional Victoria, starting with Shepparton.


Our recruitment expert in Shepparton, Adele, revealed that Manufacturing and Metal Fabrication jobs were the most in demand jobs at the end of 2019, with no prospect of demand slowing in 2020.

Manufacturing is the creation of product parts for use or sale, using labour and machines, tools and chemicals. Similarly, Metal Fabrication is the creation of metal products. A fabricated product includes both human labor and automation. Jobs in these fields may include welding and cutting.


Production, Logistics & Process work comes in at second place. These jobs can generally be applied to any trade and they involve material handling, packaginginventorytransportationwarehousing, and often security. They’re often performed in a process or process line, so will involve team work and efficiency. 

In at third place, we have Building and Construction. When you hear Building and Construction, you may typically think of Brick Layers and construction sites, while it’s true that these jobs are sought after, here, we are referring to the building and construction of products. As previously stated, the top two jobs on the rise in Shepparton are the creation of product parts and the handling of product materials, now comes the actual assembly of the product, ready for consumers. 



Amongst the many benefits of living in Shepparton, the employment opportunities on offer seem to be a selling point. Shepparton has a high employment rate for job seekers, at all levels. Shepparton is also known for its outdoor lifestyle and climate. 

The city also offers great shopping and is renowned for its quality fruit and dairy industries. With affordable living and great health care, it is the ideal place to reside or work.


“It’s about your abilities, skills and experience” says Adele. “When dealing with candidates wanting a complete change in career, I look at their Resumes for transferable skills so I can sell them to employers. You might not have the relevant qualifications, or any at all, but if you have experience, a clear Resume and a great work ethic, I can work with that.” 

“Also, consider apprenticeships. It’s never too later to learn! Most trades are open to, and prefer, taking on apprentices. It’s a great way to learn a new trade and get your foot in the door.”

“Tell me why you’re the best candidate for this role? Is the most common interview question, and it’s often the one that leaves people stumped. It’s imperative you are able to sell yourself. Ultimately, this is what will get you the job.”


Now you know what trades are on the rise in Shepparton, why working in Shepparton is great and how to get into a new trade, what is stopping you reaching your New Years Resolution?

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