7 Signs That Your Job Interview Went Well

Are you currently going through the interview process and unsure if you have had a good interview? Have a look at these 7 signs to see if you could be going through to the next stage.

How do you know if your interview was successful? Walking out of an interview can come with a variety of emotions from relief to nervousness or even confidence. However, the toughest part is about to start with the anxious wait and wondering how the meeting actually went. Reflecting on how you answered every single question can be just as stressful as preparing, so it’s worth writing down how your interview went and review your interview performance.


7 Signs a job interview went well

While you cannot say for certain you got the position, here are some good signs that your interview was successful.

  1. Your interview lasted longer than expected

If your interview lasts longer than planned, it could be a sign that you have done a great job in your interview.

When you walk out of the interview room – or end the interview call – take note of how long the engagement took. Did it last as long as scheduled, or did it go for longer than you initially expected?

If an interview goes on for longer than expected, it can be a sign that your responses engaged them. Thus, they wanted to spend more time learning about who you are and how you can help their business reach its goals.

  1. You had an engaged conversation

Did you feel like you were having a conversation with the interviewer, rather than simply giving rehearsed answers? If so, it’s a good sign. Successfully building a good rapport in your job interviews with hiring managers demonstrates strong interpersonal skills and makes it easier for them to envision how you would fit in with the rest of the team.

  1. The interviewer referred to you personally

Did you take note as to how the interview refer to you in the interview? If the hiring manager refers to you as “you” rather than “the successful candidate” during the interview you can take this as a good sign as it means the interviewer is already imagining you at the company.

  1. Your interviewer’s body language was positive

During your interview you may be thinking about your body language is showing your interviewer but have you looked at their body language? By looking at their body language it can give away a lot about the feeling of the meeting. If your interviewer leans forwards, smiles, nods in agreement, or uncrosses their arms and maintains good eye contact, for example, it suggests they are comfortable with you and actively listening to what you are saying. It’s a sure sign the interview went well.

  1. Your interviewer introduced you to others

During your interview whether it be in person or via phone/video, you might hear about what the next steps will look like for your application. For instance, they may call you in for a second interview in front of a few interviewers.

If you walk into your second interview and everyone who the interviewer promised would be there shows up, it is a good sign that the company is interested. If they were not confident in you, they likely would not want to dedicate the time of their team members for your interview.

In addition, if they introduce you to people who you were not expecting to meet, you can take that as a good sign. If the interviewer says “Give me a moment I would like to bring in your potential manager,” they are impressed and want to hear what other team members think.

  1. Your interviewer explained the next steps in the hiring process

Do you know the next steps in the recruitment process? As the interview conversation comes to a close, you may be informed of what the next stages will be, such as if there will be a second interview or when you can expect to hear back. This instantly shows that you are in with a chance. The hiring manager is clearly interested in hiring you and does not you to lose interest at this stage of the interview process.

  1. Your recruiter provides positive feedback

Does your recruiter appear excited and positive after the interview? When speaking to your recruiter afterward, good feedback implies that the interviewer was impressed with you.



  1. Your interviewer wants to discuss a possible start date

If your interview brings up a potential start date, it is a good sign they are impressed with you.

The interview could ask “When is the earliest that you could join us?” Or they might ask “If we were to offer you this position, how soon would you be able to start?” These questions can signal that an employer sees you as a good candidate and think about offering you the role. After all, before they extend an offer they will need to know how soon you are available.

If they ask how soon you can start, inform the employer of how much notice you would need to give to your current employer.



How do you know if you got the job after the interview?

While you should never abandon your job search until you receive a formal offer of employment, the above signs an interview is going well should fill you with some confidence, reassuring you that you performed well in the interview and are a strong contender.

Remember, your recruiter is only a call away, so if you’d like more detailed feedback on what went well and what you can improve for any future job search or general advice on job interviews, just ask.

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