Top Tips For Job Applicants

Whether you’re new to the workforce or changing careers, job seeking can be a very frustrating ordeal. To ensure the process is a little easier and stress free, we have narrowed down, what we think are, the 10 most important tips when on the job hunt. 

1. Resume. Ensure your resume is always up to date with current contact information and relevant skills. Make sure your resume reads well and isn’t too long. Short and to the point paragraphs or bullet points are advised.

2. Online presence. If you are active on social media, such as Facebook, keep it clean and professional. Potential employers can see the information and posts that you share – if you wouldn’t share it in a working environment, don’t share it on social media.

3. LinkedIn. If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, it’s advised that you create one. LinkedIn is great for building your professional network! You can connect with likeminded individuals, apply for jobs, create posts to share with your connections and get recognised by professionals in your field.

4. Presentation. The saying is true, first impressions really do count. It takes 7 seconds for someone to create a first impression of you. When meeting with professionals or during an interview, ensure to dress smart and present yourself well. Simple things like ensuring your chipped nail varnish is neatened up or saying ‘Good Morning’ instead of ‘Hey!’ will enhance your professional first impression.

5. Industry. Know your industry! It’s important to understand exactly what employers are looking for. What skills are required? Are your skills current or would it be wise to undertake a refresher course to update your knowledge? For example, if you did a qualification in 2002, it may be worth researching the changes in your industry and bringing yourself up to date with them.

6. Job search tools. Use as many different job search tools as you can. They have been created specifically to assist you in finding jobs in your area that match your skills, quickly and efficiently. Register with as many job searching tools and even sign up to some agencies. Having trouble finding a suitable and fitting position? Talk to one of our expert recruiters today! Click here for more information.

7. Work hard. It’s extremely rare that job opportunities just fall into our lap so you need to be willing to work hard. Don’t just sit around waiting for employers to contact you. Keep an eye out for new job postings, go around and hand your Resume out to physical local businesses and put yourself out there on LinkedIn.

8. Be yourself. You need to be genuine when on the job search. Don’t put on airs and graces that you cannot sustain. You should also research the company you are potentially going to be working with and if you feel like you don’t or cannot fit in with their cores and values then don’t apply for their available positions.

9. Punctuality. This ties in quite closely with presentation. Arrive on time to your interview, or better yet, 10 minutes early. Make sure you prepared for the interview and ensure your body language is positive; sit up straight, smile and be polite.

10. Ask questions. By preparing some questions to ask the potential employer, you’ll come across as genuine and interested in the position; you’re not there to waste their time, you want that job! Don’t just ask about the job either, ask about the company as well.

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