Wangaratta Industries on the Rise!


Are you new to the Wangaratta area and in search of a job? Are you looking for a career change? Or do you want to learn a new skill? 

Well look no further, as we have gathered the top three trades on the rise, in Wangaratta!

With the help of our recruitment experts, we were able to find the top three industries in Wangaratta and surrounds, allowing you to create a successful future for yourself and achieve your goals. Our research is based on our demand for jobs in these industries.

Want to know how to get your foot in the door in these growing trades? Read on…


Our recruitment expert in Wangaratta, Carol, revealed that Manufacturing jobs were the most in demand jobs at the end of 2019, with no prospect of demand slowing in 2020.

Manufacturing is the creation of product parts for use, or sale, using labour, machines, tools and chemicals. Jobs in these fields may include welding, cutting, product assembly, powder coating, galvanising etc. 



In at second place, is Process work. These jobs can generally be applied to any business and they involve material handling, packaginginventorytransportationwarehousing, and security. They are often performed in a process or process line, so will involve team work and efficiency. 

Hospitality is at third place! This industry concentrates on customer satisfaction by creating good services and products that will meet peoples needs. A very competitive industry, with various types of products and services, including, food and beverage options (restaurants, cafe’s take away’s), hotel’s, convenience stores etc. It is imperative for service providers to establish a good relationship with customers, so that they will come back for more.



“Wangaratta/Benalla is the Gateway to the snow fields and the Murray river. It is renowned for its food and wine and is a growing community with new employment opportunities arising all the time.” describes Carol.

“It is a family friendly region with lots of community activities. Not to mention the great child minding and school facilities.

If you are looking for a tree change, with lots of employment opportunity and affordable housing, then the North East is for you!”


Carol explains “Do your homework on the trade! This is so important not only to see if you are cut out for the work but to ensure you will have a fulfilling career. I’m sure you can agree, there’s nothing worse then waking up to go to a job you don’t enjoy that much!” 

“Reach out to people in your prospect trade and speak to recruiters about the up’s and the down’s of the potential job role. You will gauge whether or not this is the right path for you. Try doing some work experience before giving everything up and jumping head first into the new trade. Not only will this give you first hand knowledge but will look great on your resume from a recruiters perspective!”

“Show you are proactive and driven by inquiring with your local TAFE or RTO regarding qualifications, training and the process of getting the appropriate certificates. An individual with all of these qualities and skills, as a recruiter, I would jump at the chance to help them find a job!”

Now you know what trades are on the rise in Wangaratta, why working there is great and how to get into the best trades, whats stopping you making the first step to reaching your goal?


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